Employee rehiring

Rehire Your Best Lost Talent

Rehire up to 40% of your leavers. Run your rehiring program with Partwell.

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Winning strategic rehiring programs

Use Partwell to manage and automate strategic rehiring programs: add your personal touch where it matters most.

Imagine a circular talent flow

Discover 10+ proven strategies to rehire up to 40% of your best leavers. Let Partwell disrupt what you thought possible.

Generate brand visibility and new talent through alumni referrals

Supercharge your employer brand & use your existing networks to gain a competitive edge in the tight labor market.

Career Paths Just Aren't Linear Anymore

The number of employees who are open to being rehired has increased drastically in the last years. Today, 46% of Millenials are considering boomeranging back to a previous employer. We've built the first platform for strategic rehiring programs.

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Go Beyond Traditional Recruiting

Traditional recruiting follows the leaky bucket principle. Whenever talent leaves, acquisition teams acquire new talent from scratch: They are filling up a leaking bucket. Discover a more circular paradigm by strategically rehiring your best lost talent.

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Create Joyful Rehiring Programs

Effective strategies
Discover 10+ automated strategies that generate measurable results.
Automate engagement
Let Partwell generate interested alumni automatically.
Remove the friction
Allow top performers to start the rehiring process with one click.
Data security & privacy
Acquire explicit consent for data storage and ensure GDPR compliance.
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