Exit interview software in 2020: What it should do for you!

Exit interview software in 2020: What it should do for you!

By Partwell media team

Understand what makes a great exit interview software solution.

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More and more organizations decide to streamline and automate their exit interview processes. Automating exit interviews involves software doing the heavy lifting for you. Notable solutions in this space are Qualtrics, Exit Pro and Partwell HR (we are the creators of Partwell HR).

The mentioned solutions differ significantly in their offering. For organizations, it makes sense to assess the needed features carefully. In this guide, we will walk you through features your offboarding software should have in 2020.

Why should you care about exit interviews?

An exit interview is a survey conducted with an individual who is separating from an organization. Exit interviews can be performed in three ways:

  1. In-person conversation
  2. A phone or video call
  3. An exit survey

When deciding to automate your offboarding process with a software solution you are likely looking at the third option. At Partwell we have found exit surveys to produce the best results due to their standardized, comparable, and unbiased nature.

Features your exit interview software should have in 2020

A piece of common advice in the B2B space is: "Pick the right tool for the job". It comes as no surprise that this piece of advice also applies here. You must take the unique requirements of your organization into account before choosing a solution. Things to take into account are e. g.:

  1. Your annual employee turnover rate
  2. Your employee satisfaction levels
  3. Your respective industry
  4. Diversity of job categories within your organization
  5. Your budget
  6. The size of your organization

In the process of developing Partwell, we interviewed more than 30 organizations about their offboarding processes. For some of these organizations, it was a priority to retain talent. Other organizations focused on deeply understanding what made employees leave or were looking to rehire a significant portion of their lost workforce. Great exit interviews have the potential to yield dramatic benefits in multiple verticals.

As part of our research, we identified features exit interview software should provide.

1 Don't start on square one

Effective exit interview software offers a templated approach. A templated approach allows you to access a pool of proven questions and industry best-practices.

2 Branching & conditional questions

Employees want to be asked relevant questions. Example: It makes no sense to ask questions about the involuntary termination process to employees who have terminated their employment voluntarily. Your survey solution should offer branching and conditional questions.

3 Optimize for mobile

For many of us, phones have become the primary way to interact with the internet. You can dramatically increase the completion rates of your surveys with mobile-friendly solutions that allow interviewees to conclude the interview on any device.

4 Store private alumni contact data

After the employee departed, you will not be able to use their corporate email address or phone number. If you want to be able to stay in touch with the leaver, you must ask the employee for a current (private) phone number and email address. Effective offboarding solutions automate this for you. Make sure to ask the employee if he or she wishes to stay in touch with your organization.

5 Data security and privacy

Data collected as part of an exit interview can be sensitive. Your software must automate collecting and storing data in a way that is compliant with data security and data privacy regulations in your region.

6 Gather explicit consent

If you are storing personally identifiable information, your solution must collect the explicit consent of the employee.

7 Effective analysis

It is not enough to collect the data. Effective offboarding solutions offer various ways to analyze the data. The analysis does not involve magic or a degree in higher mathematics. Great software should be able to identify trends and allow you to filter reasons for attrition according to job category and tenure.

8 Data distribution

All too often, exit interview programs fail because they don't lead to meaningful change or action in the organization. It is required to get your entire organization involved in becoming a better workplace. Fantastic offboarding solutions can support you with distributing automated reports to all stakeholders.

9 Alumni management

The data collected in exit interviews can be incredibly valuable to your organization. Many organizations create new sales channels or rehire a significant percentage of their lost talent by managing an active alumni network. The exit interview should only be the start of an alumni relationship. Your exit solution can support you in maintaining meaningful alumni relationships.


Creating an effective offboarding process for your company is hard. Choosing the right solution to automate your offboarding process can make the difference between success and failure. It is important to consider your unique requirements to find the best fit for your organization. Use our lessons-learned to identify the perfect fit for you.

Partwell is a service that helps companies build delightful offboarding programs by leveraging exit interviews and alumni rehiring. Contact us for more info.

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