Employee Offboarding Platform

The Smart Way to Part with Employees

Use existing processes & networks to hire better, boomerang more & streamline operations.

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Research-driven insights into why employees leave your organization.

Powerful strategies to generate new hires through alumni networks.

Streamline result-driven, people-first exit processes.


Exponential Exits

Turn exit processes into data-driven powerhouses. Streamline operations and create cost-effective recruiting channels.

Understand your turnover inside-out with research-driven insights & analytics.
Discover a new approach to employee exits and rehire up to 40% of your lost talent.
Free referrals
Generate up to 25% of new hires through free alumni referrals.
Brand visibility
Increase your online brand visibility by 35% and make hiring easier.
Boost retention with stay interviews & data-driven retention insights.
Discover actionable ways to streamline the transfer of knowledge & responsibilities.
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Highly Automated

Partwell automates repetitive tasks and allows organizations to add their personal touch where it matters most.

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